When you are looking at portable heaters for your home, what options do you notice right away? You are certainly going to notice that you have ceramic heaters to choose from and also infrared heaters to choose from as well. If you aren’t familiar with those choices, it does pay to look at the product features and examples. When you take a look at the reviews, what do you see about infrared heaters and ceramic heaters?

Portable heaters are great, but you certainly want to look at safety features first. You also want to be thinking about where you are going to be using this heater. Do you need more than one? Perhaps you can make a case for buying both of them and using them under different circumstances. It will just depend on what you need and which one is best for your situation. After looking at the different models that are available, you might have an idea of what type you like best overall, no matter the circumstances.

What size space do you have that you are trying to heat? The size of the space does matter when it comes to choosing the type of heater you buy. For example, when it comes to the ceramic heaters, some experts say that they work perfectly for smaller spaces. Will the infrared heaters also be exceptional when it comes to smaller spaces? You know, the next recommendation might be that the infrared heaters are the ones that are for larger areas, but that also means that they should work perfectly for small spaces unless they are too large.

Obviously, you are also still thinking about portability. How big are these heaters? If you don’t mind packing a few extra pounds, you might get a little extra power as well. Of course, you also want to think about costs, and that means the costs for consistently using the product, not just buying it in the first place. Once you have figured all of this out, then you are prepared to purchase the heater that will do what you need it to do.

Surprisingly, experts also say that the ceramic heaters can also work well for larger spaces. You also have other choices besides infrared heaters and ceramic heaters. There are also oil based heaters, and you can also look at the quartz heaters that are available on the market as well. If you have eliminated the other options and have narrowed down your choices to ceramic and infrared heaters, that’s good.

Now it is time to compare the important features and make the decision about what type of heater you need. After comparing the features of the different models,  the prices and other factors, you can decide what heater is best for your space. Are you heating an indoor area or an outdoor area? That is something else that must be taken into consideration. See what heaters people are using in similar situations so you can better decide which one to buy.